Mall Fever

Been experimenting with a really cool App I downloaded over the summer.

Its called I-motion HD and it makes its very simple to do timelapse photography on ones iPhone. (yes I know this blog is turning into a bit of a iPhone advertisement but what can you do..

Heres the link for one I titled  ‘Mall Fever’ which I stuck some music too on Youtube.

Mall Fever

Anyhow as I say these little timelapse films are just really of easy and fun to do now.

Back in the day, I used to this sort of thing on my super 8 film camera. It had no auto -interval delay trigger on the shuttter realease so everything had to be done manually eg, by pressing the trigger every few seconds.  After a while I began to suffer a sort of RSI (repetetive strain injury) on my right index finger. Each film cartridge allowed a max of around 3 mins footage duration, and had to be sent off to Kodak for processing and wait a week or so.

That said there was something to be said for the excitement of the processsed film dropping through the letterbox, opening the envelope, threading the spool onto the projector, closing the curtains and firing it up to see the results for the 1st time.

If they were any good I’d splice a few spools together and maybe show them to a few friends.

Now I can do the same process, but review the results instantly, and share them with a potential audience of millions instantly! (that said at the time of writing I think Ive had about 7 hits on these clips 🙂 Lets see if this post can push that into double figures!


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