Lunch Anyone?

Recently I did a little impromptu food shoot.

Or rather food shot.

It was prompted over lunch by the appearance of Cyril here who suddenly decided to poke his head out from underneath the lettuce of my side salad.

Now I know that in France they consider these a delicacy- actually I tried them once, and agree that smothered in garlic butter and no longer alive they are quite tasty. But raw and moving it didnt really appeal to my taste buds. Rather the opposite in fact.

But just before I summoned the waiter to show the excess ingredient, I decided on the spur of the moment to take a shot on my iPhone. And I really like the pic I got!
Its more or less a macro shot and Im pretty impressed at how well the iPhone d the focus and colour. -so much Ive set it as my iphone wallpaper!

Anyhow. The waiter came, and took Cyril away shortly afterward. And a few moments later a very apologietic manager came and waived the bill.

So I got a really nice shot and a free chicken foccacia.
Who says there no such thing as free lunch?