Canet Rooftop Panorama

So I didn’t entirely abandon my ‘proper’ photography over the summer. One morning I rose at dawn and clambered up to the top of my roof with my Canon 5D Mk2 to shoot the breaking day across the rooftops of  Canet D’Aude aka as ‘my’ village.

The light in that part of the world at that time of the day holds a very special quality but in previous attempts to capture this scene I failed to do it justice so this time I tried a couple of filters out. The warm up grad seemed to work best.

To create the panoramic I shot about 12 shots through from left to right through approx 180 degrees.  ( I broke all the rules and shot without a tripod just resting the camera on top of a ledge). )I stitched them together using Photoshops automatic stitching facilty (File>Automate> Photomerge) and in a few seconds had what used to take me a few hours to produce manually eg. a seamlessly blended panoramic.

Just to get really techhy for a minute about this I tried a few different modes out in the Layout Option and found that ‘Reposition Only’ gave the best outcome but only after I had flattened the resultant image. (Photomerge puts each image used in the panoramic into a seperate layer.)

Whatever your thoughts about the rights/n wrongs of letting the computer make artistic decisions Im happy with the outcome and happy to give some of the credit to Photoshop algorithms

Making a Splash!

Been away in France for a couple of months working on house refurbishment rather than my photography! Started the task of editing the hundreds of snaps I took on my iphone and here’s one my favourites!

I know Im biased and it would be easy to write it off as a holiday snapshot, (but then again whats wrong with snapshots!)

I like to think I chose it Not just because he’s my son but because its really captured the light and warmth of a beautiful sunny day and more importantly the energy and joy of the jump for Che! I like too the way the girl in the pool with the bright orange arm bands is looking on suitably impressed…as am I once again with the iPhone camera capability!