Shard Panoramic 1

I spent Saturday afternoon at Tate Modern -still my favourite Gallery in London, though Im not convinced the Herzog DeMeuron extension currently under construction is A) A good idea, B) A good design. But lets see..

Anyway upon leaving and crossing Sir Norman of Fosters Millenium (wobbly) bridge we were treated to a truly magical sunset which bathed the Urban Landscape scene down river in Golden Light, whilst illuminating a dramatic cloudscape as a scenic backdrop of the kind which would have had Turner doing cartwheels. Anyhow you get the picture- all in all a must do Photo opportunity.

Once again the adage the  best camera is the one you have with you, proves to be the case, and once again its the iPhone.

So I thought I’d try a wee experiment and see if I could produce anything approaching a decent quality panoramic image using

A) Photoshop stitching

B) DMD – a clever little iPhone app which allows you to shoot a panoramic on the fly so to speak and does the stitching in-situ.

So heres the results:

So heres the first – Photoshop Job

Heres -the 2nd -also Photoshop  but a bigger stitch -12 images & a different iPhone origination -mine had run out of battery so I borrowed my friends!

and finally the DMD image -a little fuzzy perhaps but not bad for a handheld instant panoramic.