Eat Me!

You know how it is.

A Lazy Saturday morning, (still think of it as A Sunday)

Chilling with a cup o tea and the Papers, but then your belly growls and its

Time to rustle up a bit of fave kind of brunch.

Smoked Salmon on Cream Cheese toast, Herb Omlette, and a side salad.

Should do the job nicely.
Except – Hang on a minute.

Look at those colours, and what a beautiful composition framed on the simple white plate.

Lets take a few shots;

All natural light, (in the shade of my terrace) simple muslin backdrop,

F4.0/ 1/640  (handheld) Click click click.

Who say’s food photography is difficult?

Hardest part is keeping the flies away!

Food Glorious Food.