Abaya Road

I was a the Madinat Hotel in Jumeirah the other day when I noticed this striking lady. It was hard to miss her since she was modelling for another photographers shoot.

I couldn’t miss such a golden opportunity (literally as they a were using a gold reflector for fill lighitng) and asked if I could grab a few shots myself.

Mai- the model, and Sherina, the photographer agreed in return for giving them a hand holding said reflector! We tried a few different setup round and about the Madinat. They were trying to be discreet & worried abut being stopped by security but surprisingly (to me coming from London) nobody paid us too much attention.

Sherina told me she is a student in her final year at the American University in Dubai and the shoot was for her designer friend Mayassa.
She tells me she is also working on a project on UAE bikers which sounds really interesting I might assist her on that too!

Anyhow, haven’t seen her shots from the Madinat shoot but here are a couple of mine. I had to restrict myself to head/shoulders only as they are worried about people ripping off the beautiful Abaya designs.


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