Al Aint

So here are a couple of shots from that same recent Al Ain shoot.

Actually, and probably obviously one is cropped version of the other the intent being to create a more pleasing composition.

But in a flurry of Photoshop workflow I didn’t stop there.

Spot the difference?

So perhaps you noticed that the cropped version has also had its levels tweaked to up the brightness and contrast a little -you can see the sparkly things on the back of the lady nearest the camera as a result. (click on the image to enlarge)

Maybe you can see that the line of the building verticals have been straightened with a little bit  Edit>Transform >Rotate. so that they no longer appear to be toppling over.

Perchance you noticed the hint of Azure that has been added to the sky?

But most likely you certainly noticed that the flood-lights on top of the building to the left have been removed.

The maxim that the camera never lies, may still be true. but you can certainly stretch the truth a good deal in Photshop.

I hardly ever take my retouching in post this far. Im not even that keen on cropping. I prefer to show the ‘reality’ of the scene as shot. But on this occasion I felt that those lights were not only distracting elements in terms of composition but that they took something away from the scene -somehow making it less ‘exotic’ .

But in my attempt to ‘prettify’ the picture I am aware that I am no longer telling the truth.Ok its a small fib and maybe no big deal but next time where will it stop??

And does it matter?

Retouching or Reconfiguring?

Everyone’s at it. Even Annie Liebowitz employs a team of retouchers.

Answers on a postcard please -alt you could just leave a comment below 🙂

Al Ain

I took a trip to Al Ain last weekend with a few fellow photographers. Its an old city in the middle of the UAE about an hour and half drive from Dubai.

We managed to visit a few of the popular tourist sites including the fort and the museum. Here’s a few my favourite images from the shoot. You can few my entire shoot here:

Mall Fever

Been experimenting with a really cool App I downloaded over the summer.

Its called I-motion HD and it makes its very simple to do timelapse photography on ones iPhone. (yes I know this blog is turning into a bit of a iPhone advertisement but what can you do..

Heres the link for one I titled  ‘Mall Fever’ which I stuck some music too on Youtube.

Mall Fever

Anyhow as I say these little timelapse films are just really of easy and fun to do now.

Back in the day, I used to this sort of thing on my super 8 film camera. It had no auto -interval delay trigger on the shuttter realease so everything had to be done manually eg, by pressing the trigger every few seconds.  After a while I began to suffer a sort of RSI (repetetive strain injury) on my right index finger. Each film cartridge allowed a max of around 3 mins footage duration, and had to be sent off to Kodak for processing and wait a week or so.

That said there was something to be said for the excitement of the processsed film dropping through the letterbox, opening the envelope, threading the spool onto the projector, closing the curtains and firing it up to see the results for the 1st time.

If they were any good I’d splice a few spools together and maybe show them to a few friends.

Now I can do the same process, but review the results instantly, and share them with a potential audience of millions instantly! (that said at the time of writing I think Ive had about 7 hits on these clips 🙂 Lets see if this post can push that into double figures!