Rhapsody in Blue

Girls reading in Blue light under Garhoud Bridge


As my mum would say; Are you sure you can read OK in that light? 🙂

I did a night shoot recently in and around (and mainly under) the Business Bay Crossing Bridge. This a pretty cool piece of civil engineering which crosses the Dubai Creek just south west of Festival City. It definitely looks its best at night bathed in a strip of beautiful electric blue luminescence.

I was anticipating  shooting the architecture/structure of the bridge rather than people, and indeed I did plenty of that, but I think my favourite shot from the evening turned out to be this pair of very chilled ladies who were hanging out and reading waiting for their boyfriends (who were fishing just out of shot.)

Excuse the pun but I think it shows another side to life in Dubai that paints it in a rather different light.

See more here. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=100330476664616731537&target=ALBUM&id=5719855515233659969&authkey=Gv1sRgCIXdsZeR9ObZzAE&feat=email





2 thoughts on “Rhapsody in Blue

  1. Hey how did u go here ….i mean can i have directions to this place please
    wuld relli like to visit

    • Hi Priyanka. Its kinda tricky – you come off and take the road marked al Jadeef just before Business Bay bridge (as you head away from Dubai) But I went back recently & you cant really get there any more as they’ve blocked it off 🙁

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